Jamie Heilman wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:

It is. Older Zope code uses the manage_ prefix to require the Manager role by default. Needless to say, that strategy did not cope well with later enhancements to Zope.

OK.  So what about the stuff in ZClasses/__init__.py, pure fluf?
After yesterdays App.Permission bug I did a quick grep over the Zope
source to make a big list of all used Permissions, and the 'Add Zope
Class' in __init__.py is the only one I can't account for.  (The one
in Draft.py had me confused for a few minutes too before I found out
that Drafts are completely disabled at the moment.)

It took me a little time to make sense of this one. Then I realized that ZClasses must have been a Zope product at one time. If ZClasses/__init__.py were located at Products/ZClasses/__init__.py, __ac_permissions__ would take effect. Instead, App/Product.py is where you go to add ZClasses, and __ac_permissions__ is a decoy. Ugh.


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