On 06/02/2003 11:08 PM, Bjorn Stabell wrote:
Hi all,

Except for SARS, another problem that's been plagueing us for months are
seemingly random Conflict Errors.  We see about 10 every day on our Zope
2.6.1, and they can happen on any page.  In most cases they are not
related to pages that actually updated anything (AFAIK), although we do
use SESSIONS (but no frames).  Any clue how to track down which objects
are having problems, what's causing this?

Look at your undo log. If the conflicts don't correspond with entries in the undo log, and you're not mounting other databases, the conflicts are almost certainly due to sessions. However, conflicts are a normal occurrence and rarely reach the user. Zope automatically retries the request and delivers the successful page.


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