Hello Fabio,

I read your post at:
3519 about DBtab and BDBStorage.  I am interested in doing the same
thing.  I have a Plone site that I expect to become very large and I
need to find some other solutions than ZODB and its 2GB limit.  Do you
think you could help me with figuring this out?  I have been reading
documentation, posts and everything else and am a little confused.  Here
are a few questions I have from reading your post.

1. What did you need to install to make this work and did you do it
after you already had a Plone/Zope site going?
2. What is the code that goes in DBtab.conf, I read through it about 10
times and can't understand how I need to set it up?
3. Do you have to create a new DB manually every time you want to
separate info, is there no way to setup so that it dynamically adds as
you need space.
4. I read a little on BerkleyDB Storage, does that give more space than

Thanks for any help on this that you can give.  There should be a
tutorial on this somewhere; it seems like something a lot of people
would be interested in.  A 2GB limit is just horrible.  Thanks!

Andrew R. Halko

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