I've a problem with a product I'm writing and the way manage_workspace works.
There's this code in App/Management.py:

def manage_workspace(self, REQUEST): """Dispatch to first interface in manage_options """ options=self.filtered_manage_options(REQUEST) try: m=options[0]['action'] if m=='manage_workspace': raise TypeError except: raise Unauthorized, ( 'You are not authorized to view this object.') (*) if m.find('/'): raise 'Redirect', ( "%s/%s" % (REQUEST['URL1'], m)) return getattr(self, m)(self, REQUEST)

My question is about the marked block. I'd guess that the intent is to send a redirect if m (== options[0]['action']) contains a '/'.

But m.find('/') evaluates to false only if m[0] == '/', otherwise it yields either -1 (which is true), if there's no '/' in m, or something greater 0, if there's a slash after the first char.

Is this intended behavior or a bug?

cheers, oliver

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