Christian Scholz wrote:
I then detected the fascades in which I tried to use (dunno if they're
thought to be used for such a purpose actually ;-):

    root_mapper, conns = createMapper(fspath)

This is *exactly* the purpose ExportImport is meant for, but it's quite new and unfinished. I'm glad you found it, although it's only in CVS, not in the released version of Ape.

Unfortunately this results in an exception

    Type: MappingError
    Error Value: Path keychains require a name

So can maybe somebody point me to the easiest way to serialize an object
using the fsmapper (Shane? ;-) ?

You're on the right track. I wonder what went wrong.

I am also interested in reading a serialized object from the fs again
and writing it to the fs. Also I wonder if I need to delete objects which
have been modified before another export or if there's a possibility to
just change it).

Ape will assign new OIDs on import, so you don't have to delete objects first.

(and the best would be of course some simple methods for reading/writing
a whole directory recursively. I don't know if something like this is already
in there somehow or how it works internally.. seems all a bit magic to me ;-)

Again, ExportImport is designed to do this.


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