Fabio Paracchini wrote:
Another way is if you install Python 2.2 and ZODB3.2a, you can use ZEO and
mount via DBTab.

In this way you can use Py2.3+ZODB3.2a as ZEO server, and use LFS, and then
mount the storage via ZEO Client on a Py2.1+ZODB3.2a+ZOPE.

I tried this only on an experimental setup, and it seemed to work, at least
I was able to mount a DB and create a Plone site; I didn't do any stress
test, i.e. load more than 2Gb. If someone is willing to try more, I'll be
happy to assist...

Yes, this works and lets you grow beyond 2 GB. I know www.zope.org has run like this before--it might even be running that way now. Zope and the ZEO server don't need to run the same Python version at all.


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