Dirk Datzert wrote:
Hi Zope developers,

I read that Zope 2.6.1 has a deadlock patch integrated.

- Deadlock prevention code added.

        It was possible for earlier versions of ZODB to deadlock when
        using multiple storages.  If multiple transactions committed
        concurrently and both transactions involved two or more shared
        storages, deadlock was possible.  This problem has been fixed
        by introducing a sortKey() method to the transaction and
        storage APIs that is used to define an ordering on transaction
        participants.  This solution will prevent deadlocks provided
        that all transaction participants that use locks define a
        valid sortKey() method.  A warning is raised if a participant
        does not define sortKey().  For backwards compatibility,
        BaseStorage provides a sortKey() that uses __name__.

Can I find anywhere (maybe CVS) this patch ? I want to look if I can backport this to Zope 2.3.3, since we detected such deadlocks on our server.

The change was too extensive to call it a patch. It was almost a rewrite. If you want to dig through the repository, look for all changes made to ZODB and ZEO between about October 31, 2002 and January 3, 2003. I imagine it would be less work to upgrade to a more recent version of Zope.


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