On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 17:38, Andrew R. Halko wrote:
> Sorry for not understanding and thank you for all the help...

Not a problem, although I suspect you're going to be disappointed with
the answer. ;-)

The domain auth feature was turned off by default because it's fairly
severely broken, as you've found out.  Unfortunately, you found it and
turned it back on, despite our best efforts to prevent you from doing so
by not providing a knob for this feature within the Zope ZMI. ;-) 

> How do you create another user folder?

You write a Zope Product that allows you to install an alternate
"acl_users" object (e.g. write something like ExUserFolder, UserDB, or
LDAPUserFolder that improves the domain auth mode feature).

> What do you mean by "keep users like this
> around in a different data structure"?

This would only matter if you were going to write a Zope product.  The
basic user folder implementation of this feature is too slow.  You'd
need to create another implementation that is faster by operating
against a different arrangement of data in your code.

> I currently am only using one user that is called "Intranet User", is
> there an easy way to setup so that it just looks at that Users domain
> and not any other.  I am not good enough with Zope to understand a lot
> of these concepts.

No, unfortunately.  The only way to do this is to write another user
folder or improve the current user folder domain auth implementation in
a backwards-compatible way.


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