On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 19:26, Adrian van den Dries wrote:

> I think most of us would agree that .py(c) files are *libraries* and
> not *data files*.  Data files would be the skeleton instance
> directory.

To make matters clear, my concern about adhering to the FHS is limited
to offering features which make it easy for people to build binary
distributions which more or less allow you to adhere to the FHS from an
invokation of "make install" from the source tarball.

The result of a default invocation of "./configure; make; make install"
of Zope will almost certainly never adhere to the FHS, but if I can make
it easier by providing file install location options to "configure" that
make it possible to install an FHS-compliant Zope "software home", I'll
do so.  Offering these options would make it possible for the
binary-building software to not do too much work itself copying files
around and whatnot; instead it could just invoke configure, make, make
install with certain option flags set during configure.

Instance creation is a different matter; we can deal with that
separately if the current 'mkzopeinstance' doesn't have the necessary

I just need to know what the requirements are and I'll do my best to
service them.

- C

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