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> May I respectfully ask why there is so much concern with such
> complicated setups?  Surely a production environment (which is what
> any Zope distribution should aim for) will standardise on a software
> version?

  I have this need - and what we do is *exactly* what you ask: we
standardise on a software version, on service level. It seems (my
impression) that most unix distros take the following view: one service, one

  We often find that we need to run several versions of both Zope and Apache
on the same machine at the same time; this might be because the current
production version of a service needs to have some packages for apache/zope
that conflict with newer versions of apache/zope, or simply because we do
not want to change the environment for production services that work.

  I have created a buch of shell scripts that allows me to handle several
versions of python and Zope on the same machine, as well as manage several
INSTANCE_HOMEs. Each INSTANCE_HOME can specify which python to use, which
zope to use and any extra stuff that is needed (like what Oracle envrionment
it wants to run with, etc).

I will have/have had to change these for both Zope 2.6 and for Zope 2.7 -
but my hope is that with 2.7 I can just throw my scripts away and use the
stock ones.

> If the concern is because *developers* want to run multiple Zope
> instances on multiple Zope versions with multiple Python versions,
> then I would suggest writing an *alternative* mechanism for developers
> to mangle their PYTHONPATHs and whatever.

I find that solutions for production environments, in the style of the one
oulined above, work very well for development environments as well.

My 2 öre worth...


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