On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 03:08:12PM -0400, Chris McDonough wrote:
> If you want to change your Zope controller to work with 2.7, I think
> you'll either be very happy (or very disappointed, seeing how much work
> you put in to creating your own config files) to know that Zope 2.7+
> instances have their own configuration file which has a syntax patterned
> after an Apache configuration file; the parsing system uses the ZConfig
> package (http://www.zope.org/Members/fdrake/zconfig/). I have attached
> the zope.conf.in file that represents a valid Zope instance
> configuration file.

I'm both disappointed and happy for the same reason :) When 2.7 will be out
i'll adapt my zopectl to the new Zope installation procedure.

> As an upshot, z2.py no longer exists and the "zopectl" that runs Zope

That's not big deal: I'll manage instance operation trough instance specific
zopectl script.

> I'd love to see your zopectl system work with Zope 2.7, and though I
> If you want it to support Zope 2.7, I'd be happy to answer any questions
> about the new installation/startup process.

I'll keep it a separate package, and i surely take advantage of your help.

> In particular, I think you'd need to change your zopectl conf file. 

I'll most probably do in this way.

> Support for installing docs to a specific directory is no big deal. 
> I'll add it to the Zope 2.7 TODO.

Sounds cool.

> I'd advise against installing Zope library files into site-packages
> unless you put them in a site-packages subdirectory (like
> site-packages/zope270 or site-packages/zope271).

I'll keep this in mind.

> If you can provide specific direction on how to make the Zope source
> tarball installer service your goals better, I'll be happy to try to
> implement any suggestions given that it makes sense in the larger
> cross-platform context.

I'll mail you privately for this.

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