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I'd advise against installing Zope library files into site-packages
unless you put them in a site-packages subdirectory (like
site-packages/zope270 or site-packages/zope271).  Otherwise there will
be no way to run multiple Zope versions on the same machine sanely
because different Zope versions have different libraries.

May I respectfully ask why there is so much concern with such complicated setups? Surely a production environment (which is what any Zope distribution should aim for) will standardise on a software version?

One word: migration

As I've found out the hard way, there are times when it is much easier to conduct server upgrades if you can have different versions of Zope installed on a server at the same time. This is especially true in budget constrained colocation environments where adding
additional machine for the upgrade would cost money.

Dan Pierson

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