I'm sorry to revisit an problem that I see has been discussed to death last month, but I'd like to propose a change to what has currently been checked in about Ordered Folders into Zope 2.7.

What I often want is an easy way to migrate existing sites to the ordered version. So I would propose that all Folders have OrderSupport, but with the following change:

- in a folder, has_order_support would be either a boolean, or not present and thus found by acquisition
- the zope root would have has_order_support = 0
- OrderSupport.manage_renameObject would do its special stuff only if self.has_order_support is true
- dtml/main.dtml would test ordering with a simple
<dtml-let hasOrderSupport=has_order_support>
- dtml/folderAdd.dtml would present the user with a choice to basically decide if has_order_support should be set, unset or acquired.
- manage_addFolder would take this additional argument and do nothing or create a property for has_order_support.

Thus the default behavior would be the same as today, but if a folder is created with the has_order_support property (or if it's set after creation), the subtree would then be ordered. In a CMS that's always what we want.

What do you think ? I think it gives the best of both worlds, as it's then very easy to migrate a site.

The only downside is, I think that products like BTreeFolder2 would have to add an has_order_support=0 class variable.


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