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Florent Guillaume wrote:
I'm sorry to revisit an problem that I see has been discussed to death last month, but I'd like to propose a change to what has currently been checked in about Ordered Folders into Zope 2.7.

No problem. Welcome to the discussion :)

FYI, this is what Brian wrote off-list in reply to my last posting:

I could only ok changing the standard Folder if the changes were 100% backward compatible (and ignorable by people who don't care) in all ways: data compatibility, api compatibility, ui compatibility.

If nothing else, I can't see how to maintain ui compatibility, and given that lots of people currently have to override manage_main, it seems like it would be hard to come up with a solution that didn't require other product developers to do something to keep up.

But I could certainly be wrong :) Basically, I have no philosophical problem with changing Folder, but it is a core enough thing that we can't do it in a way that causes any b/w incompatibility.

And now some comments:

- in a folder, has_order_support would be either a boolean, or not present and thus found by acquisition
- the zope root would have has_order_support = 0

I'm not sure if acquisition is useful in this case: Move a Folder out of that subtree and you lose OrderSupport. That's confusing.

Explicit is better than implicit ;)

- OrderSupport.manage_renameObject would do its special stuff only if self.has_order_support is true

Is there really a need to provide b/w compatibility for this behaviour? The only use case I know is 'ordering-by-heavy-renaming', and people using that should better migrate to the OrderSupport API.

- dtml/main.dtml would test ordering with a simple
<dtml-let hasOrderSupport=has_order_support>
- dtml/folderAdd.dtml would present the user with a choice to basically decide if has_order_support should be set, unset or acquired.
- manage_addFolder would take this additional argument and do nothing or create a property for has_order_support.

Thus the default behavior would be the same as today, but if a folder is created with the has_order_support property (or if it's set after creation), the subtree would then be ordered. In a CMS that's always what we want.

Would there be any UI to change that property? How would you set it after creation?

The only downside is, I think that products like BTreeFolder2 would have to add an has_order_support=0 class variable.

Should be easy to detect BTreeFolders.



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