The fix for collector issue 342 was never included on CVS-HEAD and
hence didn't make it into the 2.7 branch, it continues to only exist
on the 2.6 branch.

Collector issue 799, dtml-tree still uses SCRIPT_NAME to generate the
base path for its plus and minus images, SCRIPT_NAME breaks badly when
Zope is proxied and has been discouraged since what... Zope 2.3 I
believe.  The patch changes dtml-tree so it uses BASEPATH1 which works

Collector issue 628, the ZMI textareas, as I recently mentioned on
this list, are currently all out of wack.  I've written patches to fix
this and normalize their behavior, its all really simple stuff.  For
URLs to the patches see issue 628.

AFAICT, 2.7.0a1 never closes its open zodb connections, I mentioned
this back in March and Fred said he'd look into it--was there any
headway made on this?

Collector issue 953, this is a dead simple 1-liner problem/fix, and
really should be fixed in both 2.6.2 and 2.7

I'd also love to get some feedback on my queries re: Issue 28 ...
Is there any reason that bug needs to remain deferred, list
comprehensions certainly seem to work fine in 2.7.0a1 with python 2.2.

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