Andreas Jung wrote:
> >The fix for collector issue 342 was never included on CVS-HEAD and
> >hence didn't make it into the 2.7 branch, it continues to only exist
> >on the 2.6 branch.
> Fixed
> >Collector issue 628, the ZMI textareas, as I recently mentioned on
> >this list, are currently all out of wack.  I've written patches to fix
> >this and normalize their behavior, its all really simple stuff.  For
> >URLs to the patches see issue 628.
> Fixed
> >Collector issue 953, this is a dead simple 1-liner problem/fix, and
> >really should be fixed in both 2.6.2 and 2.7
> Fixed

Excelent, thank you!

Jamie Heilman wrote:
> Collector issue 799, dtml-tree still uses SCRIPT_NAME to generate the
> base path for its plus and minus images, SCRIPT_NAME breaks badly when
> Zope is proxied and has been discouraged since what... Zope 2.3 I
> believe.  The patch changes dtml-tree so it uses BASEPATH1 which works
> correctly.

I gather this bug has been lurking for so long because its probably
not seen very often; it depends on how you set up zope, but here's a
way to reproduce it, lest anyone think its not a real bug:

using mod_rewrite+mod_proxy set up a path to access the root of
zope-space which doesn't map to the root of apache's web space:

RewriteRule ^/zope(.*)$1 

Everything works, except the +/- icons used by dtml-tree, with the
patch, they work too.  Looking at doc/HISTORY.txt we see that most of
the SCRIPT_NAME->BASEPATH1 changes happend for Zope 2.3.0 alpha 1, but
this one got missed.

Jamie Heilman         
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