hi all

i currently installed the zope 2.7 alpha 1 release on my linux (rh9) server and on my win2k developement machine

when the zope instance is directly accessed everything works fine, also the proxy access on the linux box works. but when i try to proxy zope through apache on my windoze box i get a 502 http error:
excerpt from the apache errror logs::

[Wed Jul 09 13:44:01 2003] [warn] proxy: bad HTTP/1.1 header returned by ... (GET)

it seems that zope 2.7 sends some corrupted http headers on windoze

the zope instance yust logs the get, and does not raise an error

I currently have all my zope instances proxied via apache by the use of ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse

I'm quite shure that this is not an apache issue ...

thanks for any help


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