Just being able to kill processes when their requests have been terminated
would improve the situation dramatically.  It would also allow termination
policies to be implemented in the front-end server (Apache).  This would
not be as nice as the suggestion you made, but we could whip up a simple
solution quickly.

Can you programmatically determine when a process is associated with a
terminated request or is it a fuzzy exercise (like watching "top" for
awhile)? Do you use /Control_Panel/DebugInfo? When you find it, is it sufficient and safe to just kill it?


I'm not sure if there is a way to know if the request has been terminated, but if you could killing the thread should work. I think Zope creates new threads until the maximum set in the start script is reached. If one was killed I would assume that Zope would just start up another one the next time it is needed until the maximum is again reached.

This would greatly reduce the problem I agree.


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