Hi all

For the second time in a couple of months, I found myself wrestling with security on FSPythonScripts (and eventually
thinking hell with it, and just moving the functionality to a class method). Anyway, I found this, which looks like
an inconsistency between docs and implementation:

In ProductContext.registerClass the docstring says:

       permissions -- Additional permissions to be registered
          If not provided, then permissions defined in the
          class will be registered.

However, registerClass only handles permissions that are passed in:

if permissions:

It doesn't look at permissions defined in the class at all. Am
I missing something?

The reason I thought this matters is that this works fine in a
CMF .metadata file:


but this doesn't:

Use LDAPService=1:Anonymous

AccessControl.Role.manage_permission complains: "Invalid Permission: The permission <em>Use LDAPService</em> is invalid."
The permission does, however, show up on the ZMI security tab, and if I set it for Anonymous on a parent of the script, the script executes fine.

Jean Jordaan

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