Bob Marshall wrote at 2003-7-19 06:03 -0000:
 > Thanks greatly for the insight! Ironically, the main reason I was doing 
 > things this way was to get the constructor form and the Zinstances to *both 
 > work* and 'sing from the same method'. It was indeed the constructor form 
 > not working that was puzzling me. Oh well, back to the drawing board...
 > Just in case anyone has cracked the undelying issue: what I'd really like is 
 > some way to have both the ZClass constructor form and its ZInstances to use 
 > the same mechanism (encapsulated within the ZClass) for 'sourcing' selection 
 > list data. Just tell me it isn't possible and I'll move on...

I would try my "Reference" products and put a reference to your
method in your product.

Then the constructor would use the method (via the reference) from
the product while the ZInstance would use it directly.

For my "Reference" product, see



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