Someone please help me out with this:

I am passing a string in this format (215,216) from the python script to
the Zsql method.
The SQl query should have the following form:
select * from employees where id in (215,216)
but is as follows:
select * from employees where id in '(215,216)' which does not give the required result.The id is of data type string/nb. It doesnt accept integer values.

A sample usage is given in the Zope documentation **************************************** select * from employees <dtml-sqlgroup where> <dtml-sqltest salary op="gt" type="float" optional> <dtml-and> <dtml-sqltest first type="nb" multiple optional> <dtml-and> <dtml-sqltest last type="nb" multiple optional> </dtml-sqlgroup>

If first=Bob and last=Smith, McDonald it renders:

select * from employees
last in ('Smith', 'McDonald')

But it is not working when I tried it. I get the following result

select * from employees
last = 'Smith,McDonald'

Please help me out!!Is there any other type for declaring the database fields other than int,float,string and nb.I am using Zope version 2.5.1 . The documentation covers Zope 2.5.


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