Tino Wildenhain wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:
We've come up with a number of generally useful prefixes, BTW. Off the top of my head:

call:   -- Call a named method
int:    -- Look up an item by index
format: -- Perform simple formatting operations like "format:money"
zope:   -- Access a big Zope API

It sure would be nice to have these prefixes, both in Zope 2 and Zope 3.

Hm. But then would we not be better of using python: expressions in the first place? Seems to save a lot of typing.

How is it less typing to write a Python expression?

I'd better like to build up lazy complex objects with python scripts
to pass to ZPT, I think this would make more sense.

Think of prefixes as site-wide, generally useful Python scripts. Quite often some API returns something that's intuitively easy to present, but ZPT's syntax makes it somewhat difficult to present. For example, it should not be necessary to write a Python script or expression every time you want to format the number 5 as "$5.00".


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