Jean Baltus wrote:
Hi all,

The problem I describe here does NOT appear with Zope 2.6.1, nor Zope 2.6.2b4, only with Zope 2.7….

I installed Zope 2.7 with CMF 1.4, Plone 1.1alpha2 and TranslationService 0.4. When I create a Plone site (called dice here) I’ve got the following error:
* Module TAL.TALInterpreter, line 562, in do_insertTranslation

The behavior is the same with Linux and Windows platform. If you remove translation service, the error disappears (but it used to work with older Zope version… that’s why I think the problem is in Zope 2.7).

Indeed, the ZPT spec about i18n:attributes has changed in a incompatible way and Zope 2.7 is only implementing the new spec which - in my opinion - is unacceptable. I am currently trying to resolve the issue and expect a fix soon.

Stay tuned.

Best regards,


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