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To summarize, as message ids translation for attributes was added, 2.7 and 3 are working according to the doc/spec,
but 2.7 breaks backward compatibility to 2.6.1.

This leads to the following question : do we (1) accept this rupture in i18n:attributes management or do we (2) want 2.7 to cover space separated attributes ?

IOW, could people that need backward compatibility stand up ?

Plone 1.1 needs backwards compatibility. Plone guys would like not to have to maintain two versions for 2.6 and 2.7

This implies that we need to implement the second possibility : 2.7 must accept space separated attributes.

BTW, second choice would lead us to a bad situation where we cannot discriminate between

<span value="value" title="title"
i18n:attributes="value title" />


<span value="value" title="title"
i18n:attributes="title msgtitle" />

Quoting Jim on #zope3-dev :

ok, then I suggest:
In the case where there are other than 2, there is no ambiguity
If there is a semicolon, then use the new rule
"foo title;" -> title is message id
so if there are two things: "foo bar"
if *bar* is an attr, then:
Translate it and issue a depreication warning using the warnings module
if *bar* if not an attr:
Treat it as a message id.


if space separated and there are more than two items,
all are treated as attributes plus deprecation warning

if space separated and two items :

- i18n:attributes="value msg_id;" (with semicolon) will always be treated as <attr> <msg_id>

- i18n:attributes="value title" will be treated as <attr> <attr> as long as title exist as attribute plus deprecation warning

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