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 > Also I've found that if there's an error in your class' setUp(),
 > it can cause the test to hang and never show you a traceback.

 I have run into a similar problem; this seems to be caused by the 
(usually reasonable) behaviour of the pyunit not to call the "tearDown"
method of a test faiming in "setUp".

 Unfortunately in the context of unittesting Zope this results in a
pending connection if the connection happends after the
"get_transaction().begin()". After few tests, all availabe connections
seems to be busy and the test hang.

 I have been able to fix this for my local tests by surrounding
the code in the setUp with an 'try: ... excecpt:" block, where the
"except:" block aborts the transaction before reraising the exception. 

 This fixes the issue with the hang; one gets plain tracebacks telling
what went wrong in the setUp.
 Looking at the more sophisticated structure of the CMF-tests this may
be a bit tricky to apply this patch there.



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