Paul Winkler wrote:
Which reminds me...  Is it expected that ZEO can take quite a while
to show a new object on all clients?

With zope 2.6.2b3, ZEO 2.0.2, I can reliably get this behavior:

1) browser 1 looking at "foofolder" on client 1 adds a new object "/foofolder/bar".

2) browser 2 on client 2 visits "/foofolder/bar". Not found.

3) browser 2 on client 2 flushes the browser cache, quits / restarts the browser, etc. "/foofolder/bar" again. Still not found.

3.5) Repeat step 3 intermittently for an hour (!). Not found.

4) client 2 is restarted. Browser 2 refreshes and immediately gets the expected object "bar".

This is clearly problematic.  At what point is client 2 supposed to
see the new object??

Immediately. You are experiencing a bug. ;-)


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