Chris Withers wrote:
> Jamie Heilman wrote:
> >That depends on the cache replacement policy you need.  If you're not
> >tied to LFU then you can just switch to using my MemoryCache product.
> >(With all the various caveats surrounding it, of course, python 2.2,
> >patching Zope, etc.)  
> Why Python 2.2? What's the patching you do? What's 'etc'?

2.2 because 2.1 lacks ruthless efficiency.  The stock OFS/ is
insecure, and lacking features I want, thus, I rewrote it and included
patches to adapt the existing managers to the improved API.  There is
no third thing.

> Have you submitted a collector issue for all this? If so, I might try and 
> work on it some time, although it's not an area I specialise in :-(
> I wonder if anyone on this list could help out?

Yes and no.  Its issue 911.  "Working on it" would require:
$ cd your-zope-cvs-head
$ w3m -dump > lib/python/OFS/
$ w3m -dump | patch -p0
$ w3m -dump | patch -p0
$ # screw with the headers to lib/python/OFS/ to replace \
    ZopeCorp's eyesore of a copyright preamble
$ cvs commit

Of course I'd happily invite peer review of my code.

But none of that will fix that RAM Cache Manager's waste memory.
Again, its just a choice that was made in RCM's design, less
processing overhead w/the potential for more memory usage.

Jamie Heilman         
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