I have been looking at the FileUpload class defined in HTTPRequest.py
but am still a little confused about how it works.

  When a form is submitted with an <input type="file" ...>, where are the
contents of the uploaded file stored?  Is it automatically stored in the
ZODB, or is it stored in memory until some other code (like that in
Image.py) stores it?

The reason I am asking is that I want to store uploaded files on the
file system instead of in the ZODB. (We are running Zope behind an Apache
web server, so the uploaded files will be placed under Apache's document
root so they can be served directly by Apache.) Being new to Zope and
Python, it is not clear to me exactly how to go about this.

Don't bother mucking around in the core. The right way to do it is to use a Product that stores data on the fiesystem, acting as a facade.

Look at LocalFS, ExtFile/ExtImage, ExternalFile, and possibly APE. Probably LocalFS or ExternalFile are most interesting to you.



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