Also the Plone Windows controller rocks, and I'd like to ship
something like it with Zope itself.  But a) I don't know it's
licensing disposition (we can't ship GPL'ed code with Zope AFAIK) and
b) it will need to change a lot due to the install and config changes
in 2.7+.

Im not trying to maintain the Controller any more, mostly because I dont really enjoy trying to faff with MFC code. I've tried to get a gui controller started using wxPython a few times, but ran out of steam before I get anywhere a few times.

Either way the Controller does too much work that is now done in 2.7, I'd like it to:

- talk to the tools in bin to create new instances (it tried to do its own thing)

- talk to ZEO

- read and write the ZConfig file

So, anyway, if there's any way we can work together on the installer
or controller stuff, I'd be very happy.  You know more about this shit
than I do. ;-)

Likewise, when, how or what - I dont know.

Here's what I know still need to do:

  - figure out how to get event/access log rotation to work (sigusr2
definitely wont work ;-)

  - provide a better default config file for Windows (backslashes
instead of slashes).

  - Log startup tracebacks when running as a service to the Windows
event log.

Dont we use the logging module now? Can we just plug in the NTEventHandler? I haven't looked at 2.7 so guessing.
Andy McKay

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