> Im not trying to maintain the Controller any more, mostly because I
> really enjoy trying to faff with MFC code. I've tried to get a gui
> controller started using wxPython a few times, but ran out of steam
> before I get anywhere a few times.

Ya.  Me too. ;-)  I was also about to write a different service
controller today because pythonservice was giving me grief, then
luckily I stopped myself.   (FWIW, each instance can have a separate
service registered for it at install now; I know that gave you
problems at one point).

> Either way the Controller does too much work that is now done in
> I'd like it to:
> - talk to the tools in bin to create new instances (it tried to do
> own thing)
> - talk to ZEO
> - read and write the ZConfig file

Reading and writing the ZConfig file would be great (writing it will
be tricky - ZConfig doesn't retain enough state currently).  Not quite
sure what you mean by "talk to ZEO", but I suspect you mean that you
want to determine if ZEO is up or down via the controller.  That'd be
useful, but I suspect it might be more (and less "frameworky") to have
a separate controller app for ZEO itself.

Personally I'd like to see a GUI controller that got installed on a
per-instance basis which had the features of the current UNIX zopectl
plus the ability to install and deinstall the service for the
instance.  This is as opposed to a single controller for all instances
on the same machine.

I'd like to see instance creation happen in the domain of a separate
(also GUI) application.

All that said, I'd love anything GUI at this point. ;-)  Firing up a
DOS box for people is just so nasty.

> > So, anyway, if there's any way we can work together on the
> > or controller stuff, I'd be very happy.  You know more about this
> > than I do. ;-)
> Likewise, when, how or what - I dont know.


> Dont we use the logging module now? Can we just plug in the
> NTEventHandler? I haven't looked at 2.7 so guessing.

We can, but currently 2.7 startup logs to a StartupHandler which only
gets flushed to "real" handlers after we "setuid" (a noop on windows,
but the logic is stupidly the same now for both UNIX and Windows).
This needs to be fixed.

I also haven't figured out how to register an event log identifier for
the Zope application (as opposed to the service control manager app;
pythonservice does that for me there).  As a result, the event log
refuses to accept any messages from Zope when you try to use an

Anyway, if you have any brilliant ideas or code you want to share, let
me know...

- C

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