Hi All

I am working on Zope-2.5.1 running on Linux .
I need to create a site Map of my site which needs to be built dynamically.
The Site Map needs to consist of all Folders and Sub Folders and Files within these folders as well as anchor Tags within each of these files.
Something like the ZMI Tree on the left but more detailed.
My SiteMap needs to cover all Folders,SubFolders and Files
and also anchor Tags within each files(<a name....)
By going through the examples of Example Folder in Zope I have been able to get an example working for getting all Files and SubFolders within a Folder.
But How do I get all files and SubFolders under every Folder in my Sitemap as soon as it loads?
Also how do I get all anchor tags within a page to load?

I guess it would be like a DO-WHILE loop which will go from one folder to the next and
create a view of
all subfolders,files and anchor tags(for which I may need to parse through the PageTemplates
searching for <a name tags... --or is there some other way? )
within each file for every folder in the Root of the Zope .

Could you guys please help me out here?
All help is greatly appreciated.
I hope I have been clear in stating my problem.
Kindly help me out here.

Thanks for all

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