Christian Tismer wrote:
Dear friends,

just by chance, I got into the position to try out
Zope 2.7.0 beta 1/2, and since it needs Python 2.2.3
at least, and Stackless 3.0 was just ported to that, I tried
to build Zope with Stackless 3.0.

It works very very well! After a few patches to get the includes
right, here the installation instructions.

Get the current Stakless 3.0 beta.

CVSROOT=:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/cvs
export CVSROOT

cvs co stackless

cd stackless/src
# su if your weren't root
make install

Then, install the Zope source, and make the same dance as usual.

This is very, very cool. I've been waiting for this quite a while...


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