Anthony Baxter wrote at 2003-8-27 19:14 +1000:
 > I've got a couple of ZODBs here that's been gradually upgraded over 
 > time from Zope version to Zope version (I think they were initially 
 > started on Zope 1.x!)
 > I'm sick of the SearchIndex deprecation warnings, so I've gone and
 > re-created all of the catalog indexes. This fixed it for the indexes, 
 > but it's still showing up - any ideas how I can determine which objects
 > are still referencing SearchIndex? Is it worth making a little script
 > that Does The Right Thing when upgrading? It's a pretty trivial script
 > to open a Data.fs and hunt for indexes, then re-create them - is this
 > something that could/should be included with Zope?

I ignore these depracation messages until the feature
is no longer be supported.

Then, I decide whether I recreate it (I would probably do this
for "SearchIndex") or whether I need to change code.


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