On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 09:46:52AM -0400, Gary Poster wrote:
>   Python <script> support in TAL

I'm not sure whether to be overjoyed or very afraid :-)

IIRC, zope 3 does not currently have an equivalent to
zope 2's Script (Python). Chris McDonough and I were going to
consider this topic "when we have time", but you know how that

Sorry if i'm flogging a dead horse, but:

Think of the xp practice, "refactor early and often".  I'd like
zope 3 to easily support that practice, whereas zope 2 
sometimes hinders it.

What I mean is: all ttw python code should be as compatible as 
possible. I don't want a situation analogous to zope 2 
where python has to be written differently in different 
contexts (e.g. "here" vs. "context" vs. the overly magical "_").
Little variations like this mean that refactoring often
necessitates some gratuitous rewriting, which increases 
the chances of breakage. And it means that zope 2 newbies who
are new to python have an unnecessarily confusing introduction
to the language, and pythonistas who are new to zope 2 
may be frustrated (as I was) with the sometimes "perlish"
experience of working with zope 2.

Now, obviously it's not possible to reach from a Page Template into 
a z2-style Script (Python) and e.g. pull out a global variable, 
as is done in your embedded script example.  Maybe that's a use 
case for the Persistent Modules which I've heard Jim talk about? 
But the goal I have in mind is that, aside from such inevitable 
scoping issues, python code is python code and can (ideally) be  
completely portable between templates, Scripts, and Persistent
Modules.  (disclaimer: i haven't looked at Persistent Modules so maybe
they're not relevant to this discussion.)


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