Hello everyone,

I'll like to Request For Comments on something I was thinking for the past weeks: a pythonic replacement of mkzopeinstance script found on zope 2.7, and extend it later to a full GUI client (Win32 for a start).

the URL is :

Please excuse the bad grammar, I'n not a native english speaker/writer, and I'm very tired at this time (didn't sleep well for the past days).

There some detractors of the idea (most of them linux evangelist), but the idea is grater than just "use the plain command line boy"...

Maybe provide a backend for ISP/ASP companies that provide Zope for their customers, so the setup process of instances or zeo clients could be taked by a script using ZIntanceManager instead of bash ones.

I'm looking forward the idea is good looking/attractive to some zope users/developers. When sending comments put on subject "RFC: ZInstanceManager" to avoid my spam filter deletion.


Luis Lavena

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