John Barratt wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:

John Barratt wrote:

docs = container.portal_catalog(meta_type='Document', ...)
for doc in docs:
    obj = doc.aq_parent.unrestrictedTraverse(doc.getPath())
    was_ghost = obj._p_changed is None
    value = obj.attr
    if was_ghost:obj._p_deactivate()

Bear in mind though, that you can only do this in an external method...

..or product code ;-)

Why can you only do this in an external method? This idea (deactivating objects) is used quite a extensively in many parts of core zope such as OFS.ObjectManager as I mentioned in another post, and we use it in our product code quite a bit as well.

Nguyen was asking about a python script, you can't do these things there as the necessary methods don't have security declarations, and the methods start with '_', which I think the Zope Security Policy denies access to...


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