At 09:54 15.09.2003 -0400, Shane Hathaway wrote:
Alexander Schad wrote:
Hi all,
I'd like to understand how the communication between the ZServer and the ZODB
works. As far as i know the ZServer (Web server) talks to the ZPublisher (ORB)
to get the Requested Object. But do they communicate via tcpip sockets or unix sockets?
I have a problem with hanging connections (for more than 10000s) on the debug
screen in zopes control panel and when all connections are jammed zope freezes.
I need to find out where the connections gets stuck and why there is no timeout
(i even tried to hack in the timeoutsocket module without any effect).
I think i need to debug this on the os level to find out what these blocked connections are
doing. But since i'm no unix system administrator i really don't know where i should
start my investigation.

ZServer, ZPublisher, and ZODB talk to each other through Python objects rather than OS-level mechanisms. Sockets are only involved if you introduce ZEO into the mix.

There is a maximum of 7 connections open at a time. If Zope leaks connections, Zope will hang the way you describe once 7 connections have been leaked. Running into this is quite unlikely unless you are writing Zope products or are using products that do the wrong thing with database connections. What products are you using? What version of Zope? What OS?

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