At 10:18 15.09.2003 -0400, Shane Hathaway wrote:
Alexander Schad wrote:
Zope version: (Zope 2.4.4 (source release, python 2.1, linux2), python 2.1.3, linux2)

You're going to have a hard time debugging this if you stick with Zope 2.4. Would it be difficult to upgrade?
I have checked the changes log and didn't find anything concerning my problem. So i decided to stick
with 2.4.4 because i didn't want to cause more problems...

Also, what are all those "SKK" products?

SKKCookieCrumbler is a patched CookieCrumbler SKKHotfixPatches containes a patch for the Cahceable Object SKKSiteAccess is a patched SiteAccess Product SKKUserFolder is a self-writen userfolder



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