Chris Withers wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:

What does it mean and what should it be changed to?

I think the test must be updated.

Arg! I know that!

From what to what?!

As usual with deprecation warnings, the error is next to useless...
"File None at row, column (1, 0) "
...very helpful.

Anyone have any idea where these are being emitted from?


This all his related to the change in syntax for i18n:attributes in TAL.

2.6 syntax would not let you state message ids to be used for attributes translation. IOW the only syntax accepted was the following :

i18n:attributes="value title"

(IMHO, this was uncoherent with all TAL enumerations that would need semicolons to separate parts)

from 2.7, i18n:attributes let you associate message ids for attributes also (cfr i18n:translate="message-id"). The syntax for attributes with message ids is the following :

i18n:attributes="value value-message-id; title title-message-id"

This imply that if you don't need to state a message id, the new syntax would be :

i18n:attributes="value; title"

2.6 syntax is used a lot at least by Plone. This implies that 2.7 would better be backward compatible or break Plone.
It was decided with Jim that 2.7 would be backward compatible and that it would emit DeprecationWarnings for use of old syntax.
We found out that this was too strong decision : IOW this emits too many DeprecationWarnings.

Sidnei and I have corrected branch 2.7. Currently, DeprecationWarnings are meant to stay on HEAD. This way, 2.8 will have those. IIRC, this process is more Python compliant with an intermediate release not complaining.

Those Deprecation Warnings are emitted from TAL/

Feel free to replace the message by something more explicit to you.

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