Evan Simpson wrote:
Until cAccessControl.c is fixed, you can work around the problem with a simple patch to Products/PageTemplates/Expressions.py, in restrictedTraverse():

          if isinstance(name, TupleType):
              object = object(*name)
+         name = str(name)
          if not name or name[0] == '_':
              # Skip directly to item access

Thanks Evan (definitely a better idea that turning off guarded_getattr anyway :)). Any hunches why it doesn't happen in 2.6.x? (maybe the xml didn't get converted to unicode?)

I'd imagine that it's probably quite a pervasive bug -- comparing two strings is obviously quite a common situation ... just turned up by this particular situation. Just a quick grep turns up 50 instances of PyString_Check in the 2.7.0-b2 source, and 4 instances of PyUnicode_Check.

cDocumentTemplate.c and UnicodeSplitter.c (no suprises there) seem to do the right thing. Pretty much every other c file needs to be checked. In particular cPersistence.c, cPickleCache.c, Acquisition.c, ComputedAttribute.c, ExtensionClass.c and cAccessControl.c all use PyString_Check, and they'd obviously be bad places for things to go wrong :)

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