alan milligan wrote at 2003-9-23 06:35 +0000:
> However, the original product is still available through Products.meta_types
> and the factory construction mechanism. This is a pain as then users must
> be careful as to what product's they create.
> It is inconvenient to comment out the registerClass calls in the
> to achieve this result. Is there any other technique to deregister products
> yet still have them available in the PYTHONPATH to satisfy other
> dependencies?

This could have some nasty side effects, e.g. "icon" may not get defined.

Probably, a better solution would be to add "visible= 0" to
the "registerClass" call.

Yes - but this still has the product registered with the factory. It also requires an invasive editing which is a pain for upgrade paths.

I was hoping for some sort of monkey patch, preferably placed within our derived class....

Any thoughts?


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