following Jeremy Hylton's advice, I would like to ask the developer

what risks are associated with Zope 2.6.2 with Pythoin 2.2.3?

1) it doesn't work
2) smallish bugs appear
3) things are unsecured that should be (or the other way 'round)

Some people have reported that (1) and (2) are no problem, some otherwise. You can find out pretty quickly simply by trying.

The extent of (3) is not quite known yet, and likely never will be, as it seems that Zope 2.7 will jump straight to the Python 2.3 series, which will get the security audit.

Is it worth the obvious gains of the newer Pythons? Possibly. I think I'll wait until Zope 2.7 to upgrade Python (though I'd really like some of those 2.2 and 2.3 changes.)


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