On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 18:45, Andy McKay wrote:
> > Yeah, wrong but toothless. Feel free to fix on appropriate branches I 
> > guess :-)
> Well yeah but Im betting its there for a reason, I just dont know what 
> it is yet. Changing that is sure to break something...

The best I could find out is this snippet in Zope 2.6.2 CHANGES.txt

 - A new permission "Copy or Move" was added.  This permission
   may be used respective to an object to prevent objects
   from being copyable or movable while within the management
   interface.  The "old" behavior stipulated that users whom
   possessed the "View management screens" permission to an object's
   container could copy or move the object arbitrarily, even if they
   had limited access to the object itself.  Once the object was
   moved or copied, the user became the owner of the new object,
   allowing them to see potentially sensitive information in
   the management interface for the object itself.  This permission
   is granted to Manager and Anonymous by default, and must be
   revoked on an object-by-object basis if site managers intend
   to provide management screen access to folders which contain
   sensitive subobjects.  This patch came as a result of
   Collector #376 (thanks to Chris Deckard).

Cheers, Leo

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