Hi guys!

I've been hacking around a bit with Zope to try to support some non-ascii characters in the id's. Yes, I know it looks ugly in the URL's but when you go via WebDAV, that is not an issue. :)

Anyhow, getting your Zope-object to accept non-ascii characters is not that hard, of course. But the problem comes when you try to use OpenOffice, and do a "Save As...". It seems like OpenOffice sends the new name as UTF-8, translating a nice "filé.doc" to "filĂ©.doc". Of course, OpenOffice will translate it back, so it looks good in OpenOffice, but that the id is different from the webclient and OpenOffice is not a good idea.

Could somebody help me shed some light on some issues here:

1. Does this happen because Zope missed out on UTF-8 decoding and encoding somewhere? It seems to me that this should be done in the ZPublisher somewhere, but it isn't, right?

2. I have tried understanding the ZPublisher before, but failed. Can somebody point me to where this decoding encoding should be done, maybe? Or are you of the opinion that it's to complicated a bug to fix?

3. Will Zope 2.7 be Python 2.3 only? Because that would probably make UTF-8 support easier.


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