I've been fiddling around with Zope and WebDAV and have some questions.

1. UTF-8 support.

WebDAV requires UTF-8 support. I've been using "Litmus" (http://www.webdav.org/neon/litmus/) to test the Zope access, and by default it doesn't accept UTF-8 names. How does people for example in China and Japan deal with this? I have bypassed this by making a special version of _checkId() that accepts them, but maybe there is another way? If not, I think there should be a way.

2. Other Litmus testing.

Of course there are several other failures, besides the UTF-8 support. Has anybody else looked into this, and done anything on it? I could probably spend some bug day time on it, but I don't want to run into the same walls as others already have, if I can avoid it. :)

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