We have been using Zope 2.7.0-beta2 and we have been having a bit of trouble with SESSION loosing data when we have more than one user on the system. These problems usually show up as KeyErrors when a particular data element in SESSION cannot be found. If I set the zserver threads to 1 in zope.conf, the problem seems to go away (but the system isn't really usable either). So I assumed it was a thread-safety problem in the SESSION code.

I decided to be brave and take a look at the code. To my surprize, I found a test file called stresstestMultiThread.py in the lib/python/Products/Sessions/stresstests directory that seemed to be the exact thing I wanted to test. It wouldn't run without a couple of minor modifications, but once I got it running, with more than three or four threads, the tests fail (never complete).

Is this test file still valid? It looks like it hasn't been modified for almost a year now. If it is valid, has anyone looked into getting the tests to pass. I will probably look into it more myself, but before I do, I just want to make sure I'm not headed down a dead-end street.



P.S. - The tests failed in both the 2.7.0b2-src and the what is currently in cvs.

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