This issue has been discussed several times in the past. There was a consensus
not allow extended characters because of compatibility issues and conformance of
the HTTP specs (which don't allow extended chars in URLs AFAIk in unencoded form).
So it is your task to proof that your implementation works fine, does not break
compatibility and is compliant with the HTTP specs. I am not against using
extended chars (which would be fine) but there have not been any reasonable
approaches so far AFAIK.


--On Montag, 20. Oktober 2003 16:01 Uhr +0200 Lennart Regebro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hiya everyone!

I didn't get any response on my last post, so I'm charging ahead full

The fact that litmus complains about Zope's inability to accept UTF-8
filenames is something I view as a bug. It can be fixed simply by
changing the default _checkid() implementation to allow extended
characters. However, I don't want to break anything, so I think it should
be optional, controlled by a setting.

Either the already existing, but seemingly undocumented setting
management_page_charset could be used to check that the given Id is
acceptable in that charset.

OR, a separate setting could be used, maybe allowed_id_charset?

I'm gonna go with that last one if nobody complains. Suggested code (only the important parts):

# Any other characters that should NEVER be # allowed?bad_id=re.compile(r'[:;/\\]').search

def checkValidId(self, id, allow_dup=0):
     # So should be allow unicode, then?
     if not id or not isinstance(id, StringType):
         if isinstance(id, UnicodeType): id = escape(id)
         raise BadRequestException, ('Empty or invalid id specified', id)

     # Here is the characterset checking. This works fine, I've tried it.
         charset = getattr(self, 'allowed_id_charset', 'ascii')
         raise BadRequestException, (
             'The id "%s" is not of the allowed character set (%s).' % \
             (escape(id), self.allowed_id_charset))
     # And here we check for unallowed special characters.
     if bad_id(id) is not None:
         raise BadRequestException, (
             'The id "%s" contains characters illegal in URLs.' % \
     # And then comes the rest of the tests, as usual, for aq_ and such.
     # I won't copy them in in this mail.


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