Clemens Robbenhaar wrote:

Hi Romain,

> Yo,
> > Zope doesn't know enough mime types, and there's no easy way to add them > add runtime since you removed the add_type(...) method from

Who is "you" which has removed the function? I guess mimetypes is a core python module ...

you = zope development team

mimtypes IS a core python module, but zope feels compelled to deliver us a modified version with less functionality (and probably has good reasons to do so).

But why the modified mimetypes file has to contain about 40 less mime-types than the corresponding file in a python installation from is a mistery to me.

Anyway if You feel the need to add content types to the global mimetypes map, You can do this manually in Your custom product, e.g.:

from mimetypes import types_map
types_map['.ra'] = 'audio/x-pn-realaudio'
# etcetcetc

I guess this is not worse than letting Zope to the patches.

(Monkey)patching zope(s) to workaround (bugs | missing features) is indeed sometimes needed but if the fix is as simple as adding some name-value pairs I see no reason why not to do this before the next release.


Cheers, Clemens

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