I found this in Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python
news and links (Aug 7):

  There has been discussion on compiling Python with VC.NET.
  Anton Vredegoor argues that Windows (and .NET) is just a
  platform amongst many others.  Also, Matt Gerrans provides
  answers to the question if Python on .NET (and Java, too:
  jython) is worthwile.

  <http://groups.google.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

<http://groups.google.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Here is the summary:

  > Has anyone tried building Python with VC++.NET? Does it
  > work or fail horribly like I think it will.

  Yes, several people have built it that way, and it works

  The idea of integrating the Python language somehow into
  the .NET framework is independent of VS.NET-the-IDE,
  though I suppose one might like some level of connection
  between the two. Mark Hammond, before and while at
  ActiveState did do some exploratory work in this direction.
  But that is all it has come to so far: exploration. So your
  "too good to be true" does (currently) apply to a so called
  Python.NET. This code is currently in PyWin32's CVS tree one


  There is also the independent Kobra project that I have not
  looked at.


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