On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 04:40:53PM +0100, Godefroid Chapelle wrote:
> At 16:20 31/10/2003, H. Turgut Uyar wrote:
> >>>There is a patch for structured text that fixes this behaviour. You can 
> >>>find it at: http://zope.org/Members/kedder/stx_18n_patch
> >>I just downloaded it, applied it to my french setup and it works :-)
> >>Thanks a lot.
> >>Did you send it to the zope-dev list, it could make a lot of sense in 
> >>2.7... if it is still time.
> >
> >I agree. But it's not my patch, I thought the original author should do 
> >the contacting. Actually, it was announced on the zope.org site several 
> >months ago so I thought the zope developers would have heard about it.
> >
> >-- Turgut
> Hi Andrey,
> how secure do you feel about proposing to integrate your structured text 
> i18n patch in 2.7 ?

With pleasure, this patch was installed on our copany's production
server for half a year and worked fine. Lots of people had reported the

However i feel it needs a little bit more testing, especially with zwiki
and plone. I had one report about problems with plone, but i didn't
managed to reproduce it on my system with the latest versions...

The problem was an exception "ASCII decoding error: ordinal not in
range(128)", when he tried to edit some properties in plone document.

Maybe it was an already fixed plone bug, but who knows... If you know a
good way to attract testing forces to the patch, please suggest:)

Another thing a want to do  before merging with zope is to consult with
zope gurus out the right way to do the trick:

Current (0.9.9) version of patch makes StructuredText to return unicode
object, the earlier one (0.9.0) used to return plain utf-8 encoded
string. I thought (and think) it is better to return a unicode object,
since zope publisher could convert it then to any other encoding.
However the guy with problem mentioned above reported, that the problem
disappeared when he switched to 0.9.0 patch.

So, if someone has any thoughts about it, please tell (i hope i've
described clearly :) ).

and BTW, what is the best way to propose a patch?

> BTW a lot of thanks for your solution to a problem that was biting my users.

I'm always glad to hear it. Thanks :)

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